About Marcy

In addition to speaking, I have spent most of my professional life as a Mortgage Banker and Vice President of a bank.

It has always been clear to me that I am on this Earth to help others. Recently, I’ve experienced a more specific call to share my story—my hardships and how I overcame them—in hopes of helping others who face similar challenges.

I live a simple yet rich life, with plenty of time for self-reflection, reading, and connection with family and friends. I’ve been married to my wife Tracey for five years, and we have a grown daughter, Brianna. 

I thrive on deep and meaningful conversation. I love a long hike in the mountains or a ride on my road bike. Nature is where I most easily experience a connection to the Creator. After a day outside doing anything, my soul feels full and nourished.

I love to inspire, motivate and to assist others on their journey. I believe that we all have a story and by sharing our stories we can create a space for healing and connection.


6 thoughts on “About Marcy

  1. Susan Navas

    Just heard your story on Risk. Thank you for doing the podcast, listening to stories like yours is really the only thing in life that interests me. Listening to anything that has to do with experience and depth and meaning and God is my favorite thing in the world. Thank you again and again. Much love

  2. Esther

    Your story on Risk was so heartbreaking. I found myself crying on my bus ride. Thank you for having the courage to share such a personal event.

  3. Rachel

    I just heard your story on risk, like many other commenters. I was so moved. I sobbed on my floor when you spoke about surrender. I feel like I’m only just about to start the journey you so thoroughly described. You make it seem possible to traverse to the other side.


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