Marcy’s Story

Marcy Langlois is nobody’s victim. But it’s safe to say she got off to a rough start in life—and it went downhill from there.

Born with a cleft lip and palate, her childhood was marked by an excruciating series of surgical procedures—23 in all, before the age of 18. Because Marcy looked and talked different than other kids, she was relentlessly teased and bullied.

While attending a Catholic grade school, Marcy made the unwelcome discovery that she was attracted to girls instead of boys. Confusion and shame about her sexuality further confirmed her fear that she was worthless and unloveable. Now, not only did she feel ugly on the outside, she felt ugly on the inside, too.

In a desperate attempt to deflect attention from her perceived flaws, Marcy became a perfectionist. Throughout her early school years, she excelled at academics, sports—whatever she put her mind to. But none of her accomplishments could quiet the voice in her head that said: You’re ugly. You’re disgusting. No one will ever love you. Why do you even try?

In middle school, Marcy discovered that alcohol helped to blot out that voice. Before long, her over-achieving turned into under-achieving.

Then, as a senior in high school, Marcy was the driver in tragic car accident that resulted in the death of all three passengers in the other vehicle. Wracked with guilt, convinced it was her fault, she drank more and more to escape the pain. Soon, she found herself in a demoralizing battle with alcoholism.

For the next ten years, Marcy lost a series of jobs and relationships because of her drinking. She knew it made her unreliable and untrustworthy, but despite repeated promises to stop, she just couldn’t quit. Worried friends and family expressed growing concern, but it seemed nothing—not even love—could penetrate the wall of addiction around Marcy’s heart.

Then, at the age of 27, with the help of a 12 Step program, Marcy finally hit rock bottom and experienced the miracle of recovery. Sober and grateful, she intentionally embarked on a healing journey that included years of professional therapy, along with personal and spiritual exploration.

These days, Marcy loves her life and herself. She knows how to care for her soul and stay centered in compassion. She and her wife of thirteen years have created a beautiful life and home together. Professionally, Marcy has achieved success as a Mortgage Banker and Vice President of a bank. But her greatest passion is sharing her story in a way that brings hope and healing to others.



3 thoughts on “Marcy’s Story

  1. oktdeutsch

    Finally a worthy vehicle for such a dynamic, profound woman and speaker! I can’t wait to witness your story unfold!


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